Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of Ladder Frame Chassis

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Aditya S. Hiwale, Nitin H. Ambhore, Amol Birajdar


The chassis is an automobile's carrying assembly, on which components such as the engine, transmission shaft, and other parts are mounted. The frame is the vehicle's foundation. Automobile manufacturers are attempting to outperform their competitors by improving efficiency and reducing weight in order to improve fuel economy, long life, low cost, and short delivery time. The paper presents a dynamic analysis of ladder-frame chassis. The modal analysis is done using structural steel and Aluminum alloy.  When the findings were compared, structural steel was chosen for further investigation because its deformation was less than that of Aluminum Alloy. Later, the natural frequencies were investigated, and it was discovered that some of them correspond to the excitation frequencies of a vehicle under various conditions, such as 24-30 Hz for slow speed and 50 Hz for higher speed. To prevent this, a design change was made to shift the natural frequency away from the critical range, thereby avoiding the resonance. A 3D model of the ladder chassis is made using SOLIDWORKSmodelling software. Then meshing is done in HYPERMESH. After several trials and errors, a final optimized design was developed that meets the requirements of the critical natural frequency spectrum to prevent resonance.

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