Design and Optimization Process of Press Tools Using Forming Analysis, for Crossmember Rear Floor Automobile Panel

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Shashikant S. Gavali, Prof.Rahul R. Kulkarni


This paper highlights the optimization process of press tools for cross member rear floor automobile panels by using the results of forming a simulation. The cross member rear floor is a part of BIW of automobile use for reinforcement of the rear floor. High strength steel components have more spring back than conventional steel, which affects the dimensional accuracy of finished parts. Spring back compensation is a big challenge while stamping a sheet metal component. Generally the restrike tool is implemented while deciding the process of press tool for rectification of spring back. The geometric change of a part at the end stage of the forming process when it is released from press called spring back, is again hitted in the restrike tool to achieve the required shape of the part. According to this Cross member rear floor panel requires three no. of tools to produce it, 1. Draw tool  2. Trim & pierce tool & 3. Restrike Tool. In Spring back compensation, a countermeasure of spring back, is carried out during the forming simulation to improve the stamped part and tool quality before the real tryout phase. The computation of the compensation value can be carried out with the help of simulation, and the compensated tool geometry used as input for Draw operation and avoided restrike tool. A final stamping can be achieved within the required tolerances. Spring back compensation allows engineers to substantially reduce time and cost in engineering and try out.

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