Experimental Work on Mini Solar Dryer for Household Items

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Izzhak D Paul, Dr.A.M.Vaidya, Dr.P.G.Damle


The paper presents an active distributed type solar dryer. The dryer is essential for many purposes but still, very few people are using it in their house. Dryer main function is to dry the item like banana, mango, potatoes, chilies, marine products and many more. The household dryer will be dealt with the drying of potatoes, bananas, chilies, and also helps in removing the insects, ants from the pulses, serials, rice, and many more items. Therefore, a dryer that can be suitable for household items is prepared and experimented with. The solar dryer is prepared with an objective of less area utilization, with a maximum capacity of 5 kg for Banana and other products, and having less cost. The experimentation work on the dryer was done. The product used to dry was banana. The 1 kg banana slices were made at a size of 2 to 3 mm with the help of a slicer and then it was dried in the solar dryer. The time of drying is observed and the result is concluded based on the experimented data. The banana slices dry faster due to the forced convection done by using the fans. The dryer shows that it can dry the banana slices in 3 hours with a moisture content of 30 to 40 % and total drying can occur with 5 hours of drying.

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