Touchless Embedded Design of Automation Dispenser System for Prevention of COVID-19

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Dipali Wadkar, Priya Kandalgi, Dipti Kulkarni, Goutami Nalla


Anautomatichandsanitizerdispensingmachine consistof fourcircuits that is hand sanitizer tank, liquid hand soap tank, drinkingwater tank, normal water tank is automated, non-contact, alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispenser, which finds its use in hospitals, workplaces, offices, schools and much more. Alcohol is basically a solvent,and also a very good disinfectant when compared to liquid soaporsolid soap, also it does not need water to wash off since it is volatileand vaporizes instantly after application to hands. It is also proventhataconcentrationofgreaterthan70%alcoholcankillCoronavirus in hands. Here, an ultrasonic sensor senses the handplacednearit,theAtmega8isusedasamicrocontroller,whichsenses the distance and the result is the pump running to pump outthehandsanitizer.

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