Crop Protection against Animals Based on Voice Recognition

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Kunal Dahiya, Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Prashant Giridhar Shambharkar


Crops in farms are often harmed by animals such as buffaloes, pigs, goats, birds, and wild elephants. Farmers suffer significant losses as a result of this. Farmers are unable to secure their fields for a full 24 hours. To address this problem, an animal identification device has been developed that detects the presence of animals and provides an alarm before diverting the animal without causing any damage. In this paper, we propose a new method using machine learning in a voice recognition kit, for insects and animals these voices are stored in the recognition module, as a training part. After this while testing, the detecting insect will have a reaction on the voice playback module and the speaker will automatically play an anti- voice. This is beneficial for the protection of crops in fields where constant monitoring is not possible.

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