Cardless Multi-Banking ATM System Services using Face Recognition and OTP

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Madhura Gaikwad, Manisha Dhumal, Pooja Kadam, Shruti Sutar, Anjali Kadam


Currently systems are protected using many firewalls, IDS and security software. The existing system can be easily compromised by any tool used by an attacker. The aim of the system is to provide effective authentication from unauthorized users by providing three tier authentications which are login credentials, face Recognition scanner and OTP. The proposed methodology provides more control over data stored in the system by restricting the access to specific users for specific files with limited privileges and for a limited time period on the basis of secret key authentication using symmetric as well as asymmetric mechanisms. The integrity and confidentiality of data is fully guaranteed by not only encrypting the data using a secret key but also to the access permission and limited file information.

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