Iot Based Water Distribution System for Quarters

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Mrs Sandhya Shinde, Pratima Surse, Rameshwari Surve, Noel Babu


Abstract—TheIOTbasedWaterDistributionSystemisbasedonArduinoNano.Inthissystem,wecanreducethewastage of water and increase the human liability to keep him alert from the problems e.g., pipe leakage, water overuse etc. The proposed system consists of a water flow sensor for water flow monitoring. Also, we are using a solenoid valve for controlling the water flow in the pipeline. Hence, this system is used for the required distribution of water to any building also detection of any leakage problem so that, no loss of water occurs. These are connected to Arduino Nano. These devices are inexpensive, definitive, highly efficient, and extensible.

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