Smart and Automated Ration Distribution System

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Tejashri Shitole, Sayali Salvi, Rajashree Arvikar, Sharad Dube


These days, utilization of ration card is amazingly imperative for each home and it tends to be utilized for relative’s subtleties, to acquire gas association, address proof for different purposes, and so forth Yet, the primary utilization of a ration card to acquire the different material including sugar, rice, oil, wheat, lamp oil, and so forth from the apportion shops. The present ration distribution framework works manually and has downsides like sometimes not reaching service to needy people, more time-consuming process, lack of awareness about quantity and amount, availability of goods, material theft in ration shops, lack of fairness in distribution. So, to overcome such malpractices we bring a solution that implements an embedded system which works automatically without human interference in distribution and keeps all records automatically in a transparent manner. We can call it a smart and automatic ration distribution system which is more reliable and automated. This system uses RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) and GSM (Global system for mobile) to make the system automatic and smart. We are creating a web portal using IOT so that the government's updated information will be reached directly to the user. We are using an RFID card reader instead of a ration card which contains all the information present in the ration card. After the transaction, the user will get a message of a transaction on his authorized mobile number. For authentication, we are checking fingerprints using a fingerprint sensor.

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