Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for 2.4 GHz Frequency of ISM Band

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Kanchan D. Mahajan, Navnath T.Markad


A Microstrip patch antenna along with its array is expected to be designed for the next generation mobile communication and computing systems. Now a days the antennas play an important role in all the electronic devices due to wireless world. This research aims to design the antenna in such a way that the all the advancements in the antenna design can be covered in the design proposed .In this research we are planning to design the antenna along with the array so that the features are also enhanced  by improving the directivity of this design . This can be done mostly using different ways of fabrication or deciding the material of substrate or mathematical model. This may help to improve the quality of the signal to be transmitted and received. Also, by making the antenna steerable towards the user, power saving issue could be resolved.

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