Smart Irrigation System for Agriculture using IOT and ML

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Samruddhi Gore, Saraswati Nagtilak,Akshata Joshi, Sonali Kulkarni, Nachiket Labade


The IoT(Internet of Things) plays an important role in the terms of technology. It helps to get all the desired things by means of the internet. In the case of farming, choosing the right water level according to the current environmental conditions has always been a hectic task. Monitoring environmental conditions is a very important factor while watering plants. Due to unexpected weather components like temperature and soil moisture, the selected crop may get uneven water supply which may cause poor efficiency at crop yield. To overcome this problem, there must be a system that will suggest to the farmer about the correct choice of crop and watering instructions to the selected crop according to the current environmental factors mentioned above. In this paper, it is proposed to develop a smart irrigation system using IoT and machine learning algorithms. Using machine learning algorithms like KNN(k-nearest neighbor) with IoT, the system will give more accurate predictions for irrigation. The system is connected with the user through an android application, through which the user is able to see the live readings of temperature and soil moisture through cloud, also able to schedule irrigation whenever required. This paper aims to make use of IoT and ML like technologies to prepare a smart irrigation system for agriculture.

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