Efficient Fire Detection through Video Surveillance: A Survey

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Prashant Shivling Sadaphule,Surabhi Mahesh Patil, Neha Shivprasad Mishra


Fire is one of the most destructive forces that have been known to mankind. The fire has enabled a lot of technologies in a controlled format. But the uncontrolled and destructive fire has been the cause of large-scale destruction in various parts of the world. Fire needs to be contained effectively and timely, barring which can cause a significant amount of damage in a short time. There have been many researches that have been performed for the purpose of fire detection through video input from a live source. These related works have been identified and studied in detail for the formation of our approach. The traditional approaches towards fire detection have been analyzed for their merits and demerits. This is done to assist in improving our understanding of the fire detection procedures and essentially mitigating the flaws that are identified.  Many of these research directions have not been up to the mark as it has not reached the desired accuracy in a stipulated amount of time. To overcome these limitations, an innovative approach for fire detection has been envisioned. The methodology for efficient fire detection through video surveillance will be elaborated further in the future publications of this study.


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