Medical Supply Chain Management using Blockchain: An Overview

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Prashant Sadaphule, Pratiksha Munot, Ritu Narayani, Rachana Ghodke, Snehal Ghodke


Blockchain technology has been developed over the past decade in various industries, including banking, government, energy, health, etc., and has gained significant traction. This paper offers a detailed description of medical blockchain technology. In reality, ongoing research in this field is progressing rapidly. We have thus created many modern cases of use of blockchain technology, including electronic medical records sharing, remote patient access, the medical supply chain, etc. Stakeholders in the fields of medical services need to be interoperable, secure, authentic, accountable and seam-free. The Internet-based blockchain platform aims to allow peer-to-Peer and interoperable use of current health data using a patient centered approach that excludes third parties. This technology allows applications to be built to manage and share systemic fraud audit trails that are secure, transparent and immutable. This research analyzes current literature to identify major challenges facing different health workers and to assess the features of blockchain technology that could solve problems identified. We also concentrated on finding the limitations of the approaches examined and eventually addressed open-ended study and further areas of research. However, future research needs to focus on the challenges and disadvantages of this technology.


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