PANI: Pure Water Analysis using Near Field Communication and Internet of Things

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Richa Mohan Das, Pratyush Sinha, Pooja Namdev Patne, Prakash Sontakke


India is suffering from one of the world's worst national water crises. With a population of about 1.3 billion, water as a basic need is increasingly becoming scarce across many regions in India. Residential consumers remain the largest portion of water users.  The most essential requirement to ensure good quality water availability is to conduct regular testing of water. In the proposed system, various water quality parameters such as pH, turbidity, TDS, and temperature are monitored in real-time. Any deviation from the standard values points towards the presence of pollutants and hence is unfit for consumption.  In addition to that, this system aims to bring down the consumption by certain liters per day and charge the users according to their consumption rates. This will make profligate users more aware of their consumption. In the proposed model, a system is designed for a smart water quality and management system by monitoring the water quality & consumption in real-time and pay using NFC technology, and cloud-based data analytics as per their consumption.


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