Ultraviolet Sterilization Chamber

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Damini Patil, Vaishnavi Mogre, Yash Suryawanshi, Prakash Sontakke


We all are pretty aware of the incidence of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). This pandemic has struck many countries severely. The use of sanitizers, face masks and N95 respirators have become a crucial part of everybody's life. Many researchers and reports also claimed that this virus could get stuck on non-living object surfaces and stay there for up to 9 hours. In such an infectious pandemic, maintaining cleanliness and disinfecting each object in the surrounding can be a tedious task in social places like airports, bus stations, railway stations, malls and other places. Sanitizing every object can be a tough task. The authors here want to present an automated disinfection device based on Ultraviolet light that is U.V light technology, which shall ensure the full sanitization of non-living and inanimate things such as bags and luggage carried by travelers at public places with the help of this technology.

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