On Field Performance Analysis of Shunt Compensation of an Agricultural feeder using Power Analyzer

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Irfan Mujawa, Dr. Anwar Mulla


Due to misinformation and unawareness, most of the farmers do not connect capacitors to their agricultural pumps. This paper presents the on field performance analysis of shunt compensation of an agricultural feeder. Single line diagram of Low Tension (LT) distribution system, feeder measurements, location and rating of pumps are obtained by carrying out the field visit and measurements at the farmer’s pump terminals. Shunt capacitors of suitable rating are connected to all the pump terminals of selected distribution transformer (DTR). Fluke 434-II power analyzer is used to record the electrical parameters before and after shunt compensation at the LT terminal of DTR. Results are analysed in detail. Energy analysis indicates that there is a huge savings in terms of energy exported after the shunt compensation. After shunt compensation there is a significant reduction in reactive power, apparent power and current supplied by DTR. Cost analysis shows that the payback period of the capacitor is in a few days.

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