Home Automation Using Amazon Echo

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Dr.Rohini R. Mergu, Mrs. Priyanka Bansode, Ms.Dhanashree Chitari, Mr.Jeetendra Pimple,Ms.Maithli Sakhare


Nowadays everything is automated. Home automation is part of it. This is becoming popular due to numerous advantages. Initially the home automation system was managed by text messages and by emails but with the advancement in technology the scenario is changed by the Internet of Things (IoT). There is a lot of investment in IoT by the industry and research community. The voice activated devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Samsung Smart came within the market with the focus on smart home. The industrial growth has resulted in innovative solutions which are economical and are having advanced solutions. The system provides a robust and low cost system thus making our homes smart. The system is powered using voice activated devices such as Amazon Echo, it’s cloud services, it’s speech services. The heart of the system is Arduino ESP8266 which provides smart features for homes. The system works successfully to switch on/off the electrical devices at home. This control can be done by the voice command and also through the app. This smart home can not be just viewed from a luxury point of view but also it helps physically impared and elderly people.

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