Use of Data Science during Worldwide Pandemic: an Efficient and Reliable System to Support Decision Making in Different Sectors

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Tithi Choudhary,Shreya Khedekar, Richa Sirwani, Muskan Shaikh, Meenakshi A. Thalor


Any calamities or emergency situations have created drastic and everlasting impacts on mankind since history. Such situations need to be managed in an efficient and effective manner. In this paper using a combination of technologies and tools we will provide a better alternative solution to the intuitive decisions thus making systems more reliable. Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Decision making have key applications demonstrated in this paper.Upon the choice of User Selections, this system will look into the number of deaths and recoveries that have occurred every day from the start of spread of the COVID-19. Based on this information, the goal will be to analyze and formulate a death and recovery analysis, which will in turn help us in understanding the effect of corona virus on different work sectors, while also displaying the GDP of the country. The second phase of the application will be to draw out a prediction of sales in the next upcoming days, based on the current situation in that country. Various business sectors such as apparel chains, grocery shops, etc. will be displayed along with their earnings since past few years until present. This data will be fed as training data for further forecasting process. A recommendation system will be applied to these forecasts, in order to provide best possible solutions for each work sector, so that user can make necessary changes to its business.   Different visualization methods will be shown according to the Automated Machine learning system that will generate statistical depiction from the inflow of dynamic data.

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