Optimized Low Code Platform for Application Development

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Vaishali S Phalake , Shashank D Joshi


The demand for new application development increases as the organizations grow rapidly. So, the development companies are facing various challenges to meet the new requirements of the customers, who demand for the applications within very less time.  Low code development platform (LCDP) plays a vital role to overcome this gap. This platform becomes a significant step towards successful development of applications for customer facing problems. Instead of traditional hand coding, it refers to the development of applications through visual modelling tools using the approach of Model Driven Development (MDD). It allows developers to focus more on functionality rather than syntax of the code. Rapid app delivery, minimum coding, scalability, agile development, rich functionality makes the role of low code development platform more strategic in any digital transformation. Because of these features, LCDP enables organizations to build their own quickly with less time and money. This paper is based on studying different low code platforms, identification of their functionalities and services. The paper also initiates a proposed system methodology of a new optimized low code platform.


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