Segregation of News Articles Based on the Political Bias

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Pritesh Patil, Shubham Chaudhari, Arpita Dhote, Mrunali Gorde, Durvesh Palkar


Slanted or one-sided news coverage, which is widely referred to as media bias, may have a significant effect on individual readers and public perceptions about news subjects. People's inability to provide an intrinsic shield against their own prejudices has resulted in the dissemination of false facts, and is gradually taking us to a world where opinions are simply polarized. Modern innovation algorithms provide us with content that confirms our inherent biases and thus trapping us in our "echo chamber". As a result, in order to provide the end consumer with more options for making an educated decision, we agreed to introduce our suggested method of informing the public of how unjust the news article i.e., whether it has a liberal perspective or conservative perspective by calculating and displaying a bias score to compare the most recent article to others.


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