Measuring the Dimensions, Detecting the Defects And Measuring Flatness of the Tiles

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Rohan Ighe, Amol Tamgole, Deepti Tiwari


Quality control in the ceramic tile industry is the crucial step of the manufacturing process to insure the tiles will maintain their structural integrity when installed on ground or on any other surfaces. Ceramic tiles should not crack, bend or break entirely under normally applied pressure on them. This can only be avoided by ensuring good quality control. We present an optimised approach of quality control in the ceramic tile industry for smaller businesses. Currently there are two ways available for Quality Assurance which mostly Rely on third party inspection using experienced supervisors with keen eye or simply installing expensive machinery specifically designed as per quality control requirements which is expensive. The goal of this system is to catch a middle ground between these two by being as affordable and as accurate as possible. This system uses digital image processing to measure the dimensions of the tiles, Flatness and also as many unintended design defects as possible. We hope to achieve minimal hardware

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