A Wide Research on IoT in The Light of Safety and Privacy

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Maaz Rasheed Malik, Dhani Bux Talpur, Salahuddin Shaikh Liu Yining, Ahdi Hassan, Fatima Maaz.


Internet of Things (IoT) is regarded as a revolution in the field of the internet which will in the future enables infrastructure to connect a numerous amount of devices to collect information and data with one another to manipulate the artificial intelligence and decision making power. Nowadays, trillions of devices are connected to the Internet in the shape of IoT. However, with innovation, various threats like privacy and security have become one of the popular aspects of the field of information technology. IoT has changed our life cycle, reality, the manner in which we live and thoughts. Furthermore, Internet of things doesn't have a standardized architecture and is therefore impacted by multiple types of attacks on various layers. IoT devices can easily be attacked because of its simple and not a secure architecture. In this paper, we examined the challenges between privacy and security. In addition to this we will also review IoT procedure and architectural design security solutions.

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