To Designe And Fabrication Of Banana Fiber Extraction Machine

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Prof.A.S. Mali, Suraj Dhote, Pravin Toradmal, Kiran Chormale, Rohit Netke


The aim of Designer these project to develop a method to extract top quality natural fibers from the banana pseudo stems. Manual extraction of banana fiber produces sensible quality of fiber however it abundant time overwhelming. Labour expense is kind of high and output is kind of low. therefore economical extraction of banana fiber will solely be attainable through mechanization. currently a day’s machines exist for extracting banana fiber however square measure operated by hand and can't be applied for production. the opposite main disadvantages of existing machine square measure impurities gift in rolled fiber. The potency of existing machine is average. It consumes time & the method isn't safe. This project is specially designed for extracting banana fibre from the banana stem. The machine is intended during a} very easy manner such it is utilized by everybody, because the mechanism is incredibly easy. the key elements used square measure blade, belt and machine, motor, and roller shaft. This model is useful in fibre industries to extract the fibre from banana stem.

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