Electric Bike

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Adarsh Narwade, Nikhilesh Singh, Urjeet Nimkar, Fayaz Pathan


The main objective of this review paper is to develop an ‘electric bike system’ done by earlier investigators with an innovative approach . This review paper explores existing literature findings for desigh of Electric Bikes. It also deals with the experiences related to electric bike. This paper describes the recent study on Electric motor cycles and also shows the development of different kind of electric bike. Design and simulation of low speed electric bike for optimization of power covers all there search related to the electric bikes. As IC engine release hazardous gases which pollutes environment and people, So automobile industry is turning towards electric powered vehicles as electric vehicles which are going to be future means of transportation. To improve mileage of electric vehicle, power train design needs to be improved. Hence, there is a need to design and employ an optimized power train system for EVs.

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