Automatic Glass Handling System

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Ameya Bhujbal, Atharva Dhokte, Nikhil Gaikar, Ganesh Kedar, Prof. Vaibhav Bansode


Robotics is emerging branch of engineering and having tremendous scope in future. Robotics is useful in replacing the tasks that are harmful for human beings to perform. Robotic evolution can replace this tasks to reduce accidents. This project is designed to help achieve this goal, by using suction cups for pick and place for Glass handling in Industries. This paper addresses a working prototype of an automatic glass handling system. The proposed system has 2 DOF (rotation & translation). It includes two stepper motors for required motion to be achieved. The body of the system is made up of aluminium alloys and partially Iron alloy. This robot is used to pick the glass and place in on work table and return glass to original place after operations. The pick and place of glass is usually being accomplished, using man power and as the transfer process is repeated for a period of time, it can cause injuries to the operator. This robotic arm helps in preventing injuries and increasing the efficiency of the work, by reducing human errors that can cost time and material. Robotic arm works on 2 stepper motors, a leadscrew assembly and also uses Proximity sensors. This system is controlled by Arduino Microcontroller to achieve desired motion.

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