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Shriram Deshpande, Gaurav Mahajan, Saniket Agarkar


Formula SAE is an intercollegiate design competition that tests the ability of students to finance, design, manufacture, test and race a Formula 1 prototype race car, sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). We use the Triumph Daytona 675r motorcycle engine to power our car. We desired that the CG of the car should be lowered so that the dynamic performance of the car increases. To overcome the problem we were assigned to design a dry sump oil scavenging system inside the Triumph Daytona675r engine. We require that adequate flow rate is achieved in a small, lightweight pump assembly that will fit inside the crankcase without major modifications to the crankcase of the engine block. It must be easily manufactured. So after surveying many products in the market we came across a pump with specifications.

And with that we have designed an oil tank that will fulfill the oil requirement of the engine. Along with the tank we have reduced the height of the oil pan so that the engine can be lowered by 5-7cm. During their design sloshing effect was studied .They were designed in such a manner that they will minimize the sloshing

effect and will not allow air to enter the oil lines.

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