Fabrication Of Low Cost CNC Machine

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Nakul Patil, Saurah Jiotode, Sanket Samrutwar, Rohit Bagul


We are going to see the design of Mini CNC Machine. This machine has 2 or more axes namely the X, Y and Z axis. Mini CNC machine is a smaller size CNC machine which operates like a normal CNC machine with a limited area of the machining. The objectives or aim of this project is to develop the mini CNC Machine and to the software to control the machine. We will study the development of the CNC machine and the criteria needed to build the machine. The Mini CNC Machine is initially designed by referring to the criteria that was decided. The criteria are the travel path length, type of linear motion, type of linear drive, motor and controller, and type of material that used. The motor used can be a stepper motor or a servo motor. The frame material used is aluminium, wood or any low cost material. Material must be light in weight, easy to handle and machine and should be rust proof. Controllers such as Arduino Uno and ATMEGA 328 are considered other controllers are avoided to keep the machine economical. For programming an Open Source Software such as GBRL can be used. Low cost CNC router can be manufactured and can be used according to our need and the application needed.

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