Design Development and Analysis of a Universal Lumbar Support Device for Two-wheeler Moped Vehicles.

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Prof. A.R. Attar, Prof. S.P. Shinde,


The following manuscript discusses the design and development of lumbar support designed for two-wheeler moped vehicle seats. In a country like India, many people travel on two-wheelers, be it intra-city or intercity. Due to the long travel time, most of these people experience pain in the lower back. The support is devised in a way that it can be universally mounted on different two-wheeler scooter seats and provide adequate support to reduce the strain on the lumbar during travelling. It is designed to be easily folded during installation when the user does not need it. The passenger bracket is shaped for easy assembly and disassembly. The experiments have been performed and calculations were done considering a load of 50kg on the supports. The design of both supports is implemented taking into account the most popular scooters in the Indian market. This design can be optimized and installed on other scooters in the market.

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