Design and Analysis of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine for Generation of Power on Highway

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Reena Nimje, Bhalchandra Bodhekar, Aditya Kulkarni , Atharva Kulkarni


Electrical energy demand has been continuously increasing. Depleting fossil fuel reserves, environmental concerns, and insufficiency of conventional generation techniques in meeting growing demand, renewable energy use has been widely adopted in the world. When considering the application of renewable energy sources in the world, it can be seen that wind energy is mostly preferred over other renewable energy sources. The main objective of this project is to develop a device to generate electricity along the side of highways. It is designed with vertical long blades such that it will use the utmost quantity of wind energy.In this study, a new prototype wind energy conversion system suitable for urban use is designed and manufactured. The proposed design is modular and has flexible structure. As the construction of Savonius rotor is simple, the performance of Savonius rotor is poor. This can be enhanced by modifying either the shape of the blade and/or number of blades. In this work, modifications are adopted in both shape and number of blades. Numerical investigation is carried out using ANSYS. A comparative study is carried out on the multi bladed Savonius rotors with different blade configurations, namely two bladed (simple), three bladed and four bladed Savonius designs. Modified Bach type rotor is also considered based on the shape of the blade.

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