Design & fabrication of pneumatic operated automatic sheet metal cutting equipment

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M.R Ramteke, Shivam pawar, Aniket Tambat, Prathamesh Sunil Mool, Kunal Wavhal


Pneumatics systems are extensively used in a wide range of industries and factories and manufacturing sector entities. Pneumatics system are noted for their simplicity, reliability, and ease of operation. Also, they are suitable for fast and rapid application of force. The purpose of this project is to therefore design a simple, easily operated pneumatic sheet metal cutting and bending machine that is sturdy and strong. A pressure of 8-10 bar is enough for operating the unit. The pressurized air passing through the tubes to the cylinder, forces the piston out whose power through the linkage is transmitted to the punch. The work piece thus got is for required dimensions and the piece can be collected through the land clearance provided in the die. The die used in this is fixed such that the die of required shape can be used according to the requirement. This enables us to use different type punch dies resulting in a wide range of products. Different types of punch as requirement can be thus got. According to the work material the operating pressure can be varied. The aim of the paper is to design of pneumatic operated automatic sheet metal cutting. 3D Modelling is created in CATIA.

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