“Material Handling System Used For Transportation of Material on Stair Case”

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Pranit .J. Nale, Sumeet .S. Tikait, Chetan .A. Pathode, Yuvraj .A. Nale, Sachin .K. Malave


From 18 century many types of wheelchair had been designed, by developing its functionality. This project involves an ergonomically design and fabrication of a stair climbing functionality will be upgraded by changing its structure design and mechanism. The important parts of this product are conveyor belt, frame and driving mechanism climbing wheelchair for regular

use by old disabled people. The design of frame will be done by considering various loads, stresses at various positions. The main factor of wheelchair is laid on the angle of stair and center of gravity of whole system. Understanding the different issues regarding the functionality of wheelchair and introducing a advanced design that will be an as help for the medical field and a

helping hand for disabled people

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