“Design and fabrication of gear cutting mechanism”

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Prof. S.P. Shinde, Shubham R. Rajemane, Sanket H. Pawar, Pratik S. More, Dhiraj B. Gawali


The gear cutting machine lathe attachment is attachable to an existing gear cutting machine so as to eliminate the need for an operator owning both a gear cutting machine and a lathe. It is designed to be mounted to the side of the gear cutting machine and to be used without disturbing a setup in the associated vise. The attachment is also designed to be mounted to the front of a gear cutting machine and allows the programming of the very point of single point tool contact so as to follow whatever contour or steps are desired. This type of cutting is not possible on a lathe with guaranteed accuracy, while on a gear cutting machine it is quite feasible. Mechanical engineering without production and manufacturing is meaningless and inseparable. Production and manufacturing process deals with conversion of raw materials inputs to finished products as per required dimensions, specifications and efficiently using recent technology. The work is on design and fabrication of gear cutting attachment which is used to cut gear or splines over the cylindrical job. The main aim is to prove lathe is a versatile machine

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