“Enhancement thermal performance of double pipe heat exchanger using different techniques”

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Dnyaneshwar Helambe, Vikas Ugle, Prathamesh Andurkar, Akshay Shinde, Sandesh Chavan


This report deals with experimental determination of convective heat transfer rate in a double pipe heat exchanger using TiO2 and CNT nanofluids and corrugated copper tube. Heat exchangers are devices that transfer heat to achieve desired heating or cooling. An important design aspect of heat exchanger technology is the selection of appropriate materials to conduct and transfer heat fast and efficiently. Nanofluids are mostly used in heat transfer applications and the size and cost of the heat transfer device depend upon the working fluid properties. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are known as nano-architecture allotropes of carbon, having graphene sheets that are wrapped forming a cylindrical shape. CNT exhibit longitudinal thermal conductivity of 2800–6000 W/m K. Corrugated tubes are used in double pipe heat exchanger Because a corrugated tube has an increase heat transfer rate compared to a smooth tube of the same length.

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