Gravity Power Generation

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Omkar Sathe, Mayur Phadtare, Ranveer Patil, Nandkishor Toraskar, N.B.Dantulwar


Sustainable energy generation is major need in the current scenario. Electricity demand is drastically increasing with development and modernization. Power generation using gravitational force is a way to fulfil this demand. Galaxy, stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, etc. are the elements of universe with gravitational force being common in them. This paper explains how energy can be produced using the gravitational force of the earth, without using any external fuel. Sprocket, chain and weights are the mechanical components which provide input for the generation of power. Once the weights are attached at a particular distance, weight of the chain increases on one side than that of other, which in turn rotates the chain sprocket assembly continuously. This assembly is connected to the generator and then to the battery which generates electricity without any interruption.

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