Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Composite Mono Leaf Spring

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Adate Pooja, Rushikesh Adkitte, Bhandare Sidhuraja, Chavan Shubham, Prof. V. Bhanavase


Reducing weight while increasing or maintaining strength of products is getting to be highly important research issue in this modern world. Composite materials are one of the material families which are attracting researchers and being solutions of such issue. The Automobile Industry has great interest for replacement of steel leaf spring with that of composite leaf spring, since the composite materials has high strength to weight ratio, good corrosion resistance. The material selected was glass fibre reinforced polymer (E-glass/epoxy). The design parameters were selected and analysed with the objective of minimizing weight of the composite leaf spring as compared to the steel leaf spring. The work also gives focus on the application of FEA concept to compare two materials for leaf spring and propose the one having higher strength to weight ratio. Two materials used for comparison are; conventional steel and composite E-Glass/Epoxy. The deflection and bending stresses induced in the two leaf springs are compared. The solid modelling of leaf spring is done in Catia and analyses using ANSYS.

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