Street Lamp With Solar Tracking System

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Gajanan S. Kajjewad , Palash P Laharia , Pushkaraj S Ruikar , Prasad C Wuike , Prof .S P. Bansode


A solar tracking system using Arduino is designed and built. This system collects free energy from the sun and stores it in the battery and then converts this energy to the respective alternating current. It makes the energy usable in normal homes as an independent power source. This system is designed to react to its environment in the shortest amount of time.

Any errors at software and hardware will be controlled or eliminated. Our system is tested for its real-time responsiveness, reliability, stability and safety. Our system is designed to be resistant to weather, temperature and some minor mechanical stresses.As the energy demand and the environmental problems increase, the natural energy sources have become very important as an alternative to the conventional energy sources. The renewable energy sector is fast gaining ground as a new growth area for numerous countries with the vast potential it presents environmentally and economically. Solar energy plays an important role as a primary source of energy, especially for rural area. This project aims at the development of process to track the sun and attain maximum efficiency using Arduino and LDR Sensor for real time monitoring. The project is divided into two stages, which are hardware and software development. In hardware development, two light dependent resistor (LDR) has been used for capturing maximum light source. Servo motor has been used to move the solar panel at maximum light source location sensing by LDR. The performance of the system has been tested and compared with static solar panel by charging a rechargeable battery connected to the solar panel. This project also has an inverter circuit which converts 12V DC to 220V AC for powering home appliances. This project describes the design of a low cost, solar tracking system. In this project a single axis solar tracking system has been developed by which more energy from the sun can be harnessed. In this project, an  Arduino , has been used as the main controlling unit. To detect the position of the sun on the sky, two LDRs have been used and to rotate the orientation of the Solar PV panel a servo motor has been used. The sensors and servo motor have properly been interfaced .

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