Design of Wet Scrubber for City Air Pollution Control

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Prof. A.B. Karpe, Abhishek Sakhare, Gurunath Joshi, Yogesh Magare, Manisha Chaure


Pollution control is big issue for the metro cities as the number of vehicles growing larger every year leading to large air pollution, increased AQI level and production of black smog. For controlling this phenomenon there are various methods and pollution control devices but the setup wet scrubber used in industries can be the effective way for pollution control. Hence we are usingĀ  wet scrubbers for city air pollution control which is the concept arising from the conventional scrubbers used for pollution control in the big industries having flue gases and particulate material as a waste partĀ  going into atmosphere causing harmful effects on environment. This industrial type of scrubber helps in trapping and absorbing of these flue gases. The same concept is being taken and analyzed for city air pollution caused by vehicles at signals and crowded areas. Here there will be different exhaust gases than the flue gases from industries. The basic components of our setup for city air pollution control which is desired to be set up at traffic signals are spray tower, filter chambers, recirculating chambers with scrubbing agent for dissolving of exhaust gases coming in from the vehicles.

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