Banana Fiber Extraction Machine

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Abhinay Mirikar, Omkar Rite, Atmaja Mokashi, Sagar Trimbake, Swapnil Deokar


The aim of this project is to design and develop a process to extract high quality natural fibers from the banana pseudo stems. Manual extraction of banana fiber produces good quality of fiber but it much time consuming. Labour expense is quite high and output is quite low. Hence efficient extraction of banana fiber can only be possible through mechanization. Now a day’s machines exist for extracting banana fiber but are manually operated and cannot be applied for mass production. The other main disadvantages of existing machine are impurities present in rolled fiber. The efficiency of existing machine is average. It consumes time & the process is not safe. This project is specially designed for extracting banana fibre from the banana stem. The machine is designed in a very simple way such that it can be used by everyone, as the mechanism is very simple. The major components used are blade, belt and pulley, motor, and roller shaft. This model is helpful in fibre industries to extract the fibre from banana stem.

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