Hybrid Bike

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Aatish A. Garje, Niraj Dixit, Rahul S. Bhadane, Rushikesh R. Handore, S.P.Bansode


As we design a “hybrid bike” which is works on the concept of bi-fuel (dual fuel) cycle. In this we are giving supply of petrol as well as LPG to the engine for the fine working of an engine. All of We know that day by day there is tremendous growth of pollution in atmosphere. Because of this there is rapidly reduction in the ozone layer cause harmful effects on human beings and main cause is increase in pollution and global warming. In this most of the pollution is done because of the automobile products. So we are designing a bike which works on the LPG as well as Petrol.

We know that price & pollution rate of petrol is more. In our country there is no such a bike work on Bi-fuel engine (petrol & LPG) as well as works on dual carburetor gives more power to the bike. And in India percentage of bikes are more than cars.

Because of this reason we design dual fuel engine for bike. First we do modification in the input of and engine. Instead of single carburetor we give dual carburetor supply to an engine. Because of this the power, stability, efficiency increases and gives better fuel changing system.

We obtain a Y-shape pipe to give the fuel supply from carburetor to the engine. Because of the dual carburetor we need to design an engine.

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