Design and Development of Casting Catcher for Gravity Die Casting Machine

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Durgesh R. Karande, Anant D. Gavali, Shreyash D. Kanade, Siddharth K. Nagarale, Prof. P. P. Kharche


In today’s advanced and competitive world of casting, technology plays a important role to meet the demand and fulfill the challenges of production. Casting methods also have undergone various changes to make the process easier, faster and economical. Out of many processes of casting, there is a process called as Gravity Die Casting[5]. Gravity die casting was one of very earliest processes to be invented for metal and light metal alloy die casting. It is used to manufacture casting parts from non-ferrous materials such as Aluminium or low-temperature alloys. In this process, hot casted mould from gravity die casting machine are delivered by operators, but there is a high risk of accident, risk of injuries to the operator or workers. So this research aims to design and develop a casting catcher for gravity die casting machine. Casting catcher is used to load-out a hot casting mould from a gravity die casting machine into surrounding environment. Also casting catcher increases production while reducing operator’s load. They are operate in manual swing or fully automatic powered swing in. It helps in collecting the casted product neatly and safely. There is no risk of any accident while working with casting catcher.

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