Integration of Six Sigma and Anylogic Discrete Event Simulation Methodology in Surgical Toolbox Manufacturing: A Case Study

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Gitesh Kumar Verma, Neha Verma


The purpose of this paper is to examine and identify the problem of  small medium sized (SME) real case industry by integration of Anylogic Discrete Event (DE) simulation and six sigma method. The work starts with collection of data’s of every processing time at their station with specific number of worker. The all the collected data of real case industry has simulated by anylogic software to get capacity utilization of every processing station, time distribution of every processing station,  flow time analysis and defects analysis.

After the successfully analysis of data in simulation paradigm, with the help of six sigma experimentally validated it by changes in process. In the validating phase of conventional and experimental data, the result have been progressive specially in total manufacturing time have been reduces which is good for company.

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