Calculation of Reinforced Concrete Structure by Inclined Sections under Shear Force

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Nam H. Vu, Trung T. Tran, Xuan D. Tu


Shear force calculation of reinforced concrete structures conducted on the inclined section model is an important content in the calculation and design of reinforced concrete structures that are widely used today. The article aims to elucidate and conveniently understand the principles, the influencing factors as well as the shear behavior on reinforced concrete structures through the conclusions, showing the relationship between different knowledge from mechanics of materials to reinforced concrete and it also shows that regulations and designations are outlined in current applicable standards. The article also outlines the steps of calculation, testing, and how to build calculation formulas based on the instructions in the new design standard along with comments on the meaning of formulas in practical calculation. Therefore, the article brings basic insights of working principles and behavior in both practical and applicable ways that it is helping students and technical staffs who can refer directly to in actual calculation.

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