The influence of Social Media Marketingon Consumer Buying Decision through Brand Image in the Fashion Apparel Brands

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Abdul Basit, Adeline Lum Wai Yee, Sharmila Sethumadhavan, Indra Devi Rajamanoharan


The emergence of social media has immensely changed the way of communication with customers. The fashion apparel industry is no exception to this new development.Despite this development, the impact of social media as a tool for consumers decision making is still largely unexplored in the Malaysian context. This study therefore seeks to examine the   impact of social media on consumer buying decisions mediated by brand image. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an online questionnaire survey was used to collect data from consumers in the Fashion apparel industry. Findings from this study reveals that effective social media marketing impacts consumer buying decision among Fashion apparel brands in Malaysia.Thus, Fashion apparel brands develop its own personality with use of social media platform leading to a positive reputation and reliability. The findings also found that brand image plays a positive significant mediator role between social media marketing and consumer buying decision. Hence social media marketing increased top-of-mind brand where consumer recall the brand easily with the increased visibility of the brand in social media platforms.  The research also showed how the interaction in the social media provided customers of the fashion apparel a sense of belonginess to the brand and as their voices are heard through engaging with social media, fashion apparel companies build on their brand equity.

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