Proposal for an Ecolodge for the Sustainable Local Development of the Llacanora District -Cajamarca

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Jorge Bringas, Doris Esenarro, Katia Terrones, Oscar Cuya, Carmen Aylas, Alcira Cordova, Mariano Saly Rosas, Karina Alvarado


 The objective of this research is the sustainable local development of the Llacanora-Cajamarca district, through a proposal for an Ecolodge, the lack of adequate infrastructure for visitor accommodation leads to the decline of the result of tourist activity in an ecolodge It is a suitable alternative for development, taking into account respect and protection for the environment. For the proposal, bioclimatic design criteria and variables are applied and incorporating clean technologies that allow minimizing environmental contamination; surveys were also carried out to the population and potential tourists, it was obtained that 89% agree with the ecology proposal. A design committed to the environment was proposed by applying renewable energies, preserving the construction tradition. Likewise, the proper management of organic waste through fertilizers becomes a good option for traditional agriculture and the production of fuels. Thus achieving 70% avoidance of soil and water contamination and reducing CO2 output since this gas is harmful to the ozone layer and global warming.

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