Model Business Canvas to Reduce Desertion in Massive Online Courses

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Ronald Melgarejo Solis, Hugo Vega Huerta, Percy De La Cruz Vélez de Villa, Santiago Moquillaza Henríquez, Frank Escobedo Bailón, Fausto Mercado Philco


The full boom of digital transformation, e-learning through LMS systems (Learning Management System), has impacted on the development of the globalized world, and competes directly with face-to-face education; One of the main problems of those who start a virtual course is desertion, that is, many abandon the courses before concluding them, therefore, the objective of this research is the implementation of a business model that guarantees the success of a e-learning project, taking into account fundamental factors such as: the quality of the LMS design, tutoring strategies and digital marketing, generating in the participant an innovative digital experience that achieves specific learning. E-learning provider companies seek that their clients can start and conclude a virtual course, with guaranteed learning using an LMS, which will impact the positioning of the company, for this the content of the LMS must be interactive, motivating and designed for a high level of learning with innovative educational resources. As a result of the research, it has been shown that the perception of users of online courses regarding that the processes that prevent dropouts are good has gone from 25% without the application of the model to 56% with the application of the implemented model Canvas

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