Proposal for Connectivity in the Beach Circuit Through Eco-Friendly Bicycle Paths in the District of San Juan De Marcona - Peru

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Nelly Méndez Gutirerrez, Renzo Miguel Salas Fernández, Doris Esenarro, Elizabeth Segovia, Raul Mendez, Maria Veliz, Benigno Gomez Escriba, Samuel Mandujano


The objective of this research is the connectivity of the beach circuit through the proposal of an eco-friendly bicycle path in the district of San Juan de Marcona. It is known that the community currently lacks essential services such as electricity and water; in recent years, there has been an increase of tourists during the summer season, which generates a more significant accumulation and use of motorized vehicles in the beach circuit, thus affecting the environmental quality of the place, the research for its purpose is applicative, non-experimental level. Sustainable bioclimatic design criteria were considered as well as the implementation of clean energies such as wind and solar power. The first case is presented usingthree wind turbines located in an area near the interpretation zone with a height of 20m of Siemens SWT 108 model of 2.3 MW with a start-up speed of 3m/s. On the other hand, solar panels will be located on top of the bicycle parking lots giving a form of solar roofs; these solar panels will have 60 cells with a capacity of 200W, with a voltage of 12V-24V and an amperage of 8Ah. These renewable energies will supply both the bicycle parking lots and the district of Marcona, facilitating the use of essential services for the inhabitants.

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