A survey on Security and Privacy Challenges in Smarthome based IoT

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Sarkar Hasan Ahmed, Subhi R. M. Zeebaree


The innovative and disruptive technology of the Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart home applications are mainly restricted and dispersed.To offer insightful analyses of technological settings and assist researchers, we must first grasp the available choices and gaps in this field of study.Thus, this study aims to review to organize the research landscape into a cohesive taxonomy.We perform a targeted search for all articles relating to the security of IoT-enabled smarthome systems.These articles compile literature on IoT-enabled smart home applications.The final dataset generated by the classification method consists of 111 articles classified into nine categories.The nine classes include architecture development for IoT security, SH-IoT security analysis, smart security with IoT, IoT network security, surveys and reviews, machine learning and IoT security, cryptography, utilizing Blockchain to improve IoT security and Authentication & Authorization in IoT Systems.We then define the fundamental features of this developing area in terms of the following: the reason for using IoT in smart home applications, the major obstacles impeding adoption, and suggestions for enhancing the acceptability and usage of smart house apps in the literature.

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