Innovative Design Approaches for the Seismic Response Control of Tall Buildings by Various Interior and Exterior Structural Forms

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Prashant Sunagar, T. Geetha Kumari, Rajegowda, Aravind H. Bhashyam,Manish S. Dharek


Recent construction methodologies and practices have changed the requirements of conventional design procedures.  With restriction of resources used in construction, something which has perplexed engineers is concepts of sustainability. In this regard, slender structures have started integrating sustainability concept. Presently, demand for studies focused on the performance of various structural forms to resist gravity and lateral loading is at rise. The modeling and analysis has been carried using ETABS by varying the structural height of model viz 150m,240m,300m, structural framing systems such as conventional beam- column system and lateral load resisting systems such as diagonal grid framing system, outrigger structural system, peripheral R C shear wall system and R C Core shear wall system by considering Seismic Zoning V conforming to IS 1893-2002 provisions. The typical storey height assigned was 3 metres. Dynamic Analysis comprising of response spectrum analysis and time history analysis were performed. Peak storey displacement and drift is tabulated and analysed to assess into the structural form which would be sustainable in construction of slender structures.

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