Analysis of Engineering Properties of Expansive Soil Treated with Ferric Chloride and Bagasse Ash

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Vinod B. R., Shobha R., Varun Purad, Anusha T. G., Mansi S., Aditya Kumar Jha


Black cotton soil is a representative expansive soil which loses its solidarityin presence of water  résultingin swelling of the soil and in absence of water it shows multiple cracks due  to shrinkage. Various methods such as Pre-wetting, Limestabilization, Soil replacement etchave been practiced to stabilize such Soils. The study investigated the engineering of properties  ofBlack Cotton Soil when stabilized by the combination of bagasse ash and ferric chloride. Basic Index and Engineering properties of the black cotton soil was determined. Bagasse ash varying from 5% to 30% mixed with the soil sample and ferric chloride varying from 0.10% to 1.00% was mixed with the untreated soil sample, theoptimum  percentageof ferric chloride and bagasse ash was determined by observing the Max. Compressive strength gained for each of the additives mixed with the soil sample by conducting Unconfined Compressive test. These tests are repeated on the soil samplesby mixing it with optimum percentage of bagasse ash and varying percentages of ferric chloride (0.10 to 1.5%). The samples with optimum percentages of ferric chloride and bagasse ash is then subjected to curing for 1,7 and 14 days ,UCS test is carried out for each curing periodThe conclusion that was drawn from the experimental work is that that the combination of ferric chloride and bagasse ash can help in contollingthe swelling nature of soil and can be used to improve the stability of thesoil.

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