Design Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Resources for an Isolated Region

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Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta


Demand  of  electricity  is  expanding  step  by  step  all  through  world. Due to limited measure of petroleum product it is crucial for structure some new non- renewable energy Sources that can reduce dependence on customary energy assets. A hybrid off-grid renewable energy network may be used to decrease reliance on ordinary energy assets. Streamlining of hybrid framework is a strategy to pick best mix of portion and there cost that can give trashy, strong and amazing elective energy asset. In this paper solar PV system, wind turbine, diesel generator, battery for reserve capacity and converter have been reproduced and advanced for isolated areas. In this system, fundamental wellspring of force is solar sytem and windturbinewhiledieselandbatteriesareusedasreinforcementsupply.HOMERprogramming has been used to recreate off-grid framework and it checks specific and moderate rules of this coordinated framework. In simulation result we can see that 10kW PV panel, 10kW Wind turbine, 15kW Generator, 30 batteries & 15 kW Inverter is optimal answer for this system. This hybridsystemwilldiminishemissionofCO2ofaround22,328Kg/year.

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