Optimal Operation of Microgrid with Reduced Emission by Using Demand Response Program

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Rekha Swami, Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta


The Microgrid has gained more attention in the recent years due to the better utilization of renewable energy sources. In Microgrid penetration of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind imposes some difficult challenges in Microgrid operation due to uncertainty in their power generation. Generally Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is used to deal with these challenges.  Demand Response Program (DRP) along with Energy Storage Systems can make Microgrid Operation more safe and reliable. Therefore in the presented work a multi-objective optimization model is formulated considering both economical and environmental concern considering demand response program. The Optimization problem is formulated as mixed integer linear programming problem to minimize the Microgrid operation cost as well as to reduce carbon emission simultaneously. For case study an 11-bus grid-connected Microgridis considered and solved in GAMS software using DICOPT solver. Simulation is performed under two scenarios: without and with DRP. The efficiency of the proposed model is validated from the simulation results.


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